VideoAmp Hires Former Nickelodeon Exec as First CMO as Measurement Wars Continue

Jenny Wall will be the company’s head marketer

Measurement company VideoAmp has hired its first CMO as it works to establish itself as a serious contender in the battle to dominate the space.

Top line

There’s been a vacancy for a lead measurement company since Nielsen lost its accreditation, and VideoAmp is looking to fill the gap. The company hired industry veteran Jenny Wall as its first chief marketing officer, overseeing brand and marketing strategy.

Between the lines

Television aficionados may know Wall for being part of the team that created the iconic HBO tagline “It’s not TV. It’s HBO.”

She’s served time at HBO, Netflix and Hulu, and most recently spent three years at Nickelodeon. Wall also has an extensive agency background, including starting her own digital company in 2002, which later merged with Crew Creative.

“It’s personal for me. The struggles CMOs across our industry face are real and they’ve been going on for a long time. There is a sea change taking place, and the window of opportunity to solve the problems that plague marketers and their agencies, is now. The fact that my personal mission to solve these issues aligns with VideoAmp’s mission made it an easy decision to join,” Wall said in a statement. “Having a platform that acts as a one-stop shop for making data-driven decisions, whether for planning, measurement or optimization, is a game changer.”

Ross McCray, founder and CEO of VideoAmp, endorsed the hire, calling Wall “an incredible fit for the position.”

“Knowing the pain points of a brand CMO, while understanding the hurdles a publisher faces, solidifies our commitment to finding solutions for both sides and redefining the way media is valued, bought and sold,” McCray said in a statement.

Bottom line

VideoAmp has deals with major publishers, including Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery, and is looking to fully make a name for itself in an everchanging measurement world.

Expect to see more from the company during the upfronts, with media conglomerates such as Paramount and NBCUniversal poised to transact on VideoAmp as currency. In addition, it faces stiff competition from other measurement companies, including iSpot and Comscore.