Mercedes-Benz Ad Wants Women to Feel They're Among Many Game Changers, Not the Exception

Production company Smuggler taps in for International Women's Day

Women have made endless scientific discoveries, won athletic competitions, created groundbreaking works of art and more. Yet, gender discrimination remains a major hurdle for many, making International Women’s Day just as vital in 2023 as it was in its founding year, 1911.

With the need for more rapid change at its heart, Mercedes-Benz has teamed with its lead agency Antoni and production company Smuggler for its newest video, Be One of Many. This 67-second short is directed by Smuggler’s Fiona Jane Burgess, recently known for her work on the 20th-anniversary video for Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.”

The video shows a young girl sitting down in a chair and being asked to look into a camera. Photos and videos of women who have changed history flash across the screen, with the narration noting that “This is what it looks like to be exceptional.” From scientists to athletes and beyond, many of history’s game-changers are represented.

Next, the narration asks, “but what if women didn’t have to be exceptional? What if they didn’t have to be the first, the best, or the only woman?” It goes on to make the case that women shouldn’t experience constant pressure to be the best, but should be allowed to work on a team, to be one among many and only then will they be competing as equals.

“With this campaign I was interested in how we could work with Mercedes, as a brand that represents a male dominated industry, to address these issues surrounding gender bias towards young people in a way that felt honest but also empowering,” Burgess continued.

This release comes after the 12-year-old Luna Fluxa became the youngest and only girl to be accepted onto the Mercedes F1 Junior Team in 2022.


Client: Mercedes Benz @mercedesbenz
Agency: Antoni_ @antoniberlin
Partner and managing executive director for Mercedes-Benz: Marcell Francke @crazyfast_
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